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Tomato: Pascal de Picardie

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A very rare, beautiful, and delicious variety! If you like paste type tomatoes this is a must have! Elongated, large plum-shaped fruits are stunning in color and complex in taste. Extremely meaty with minimal seeds and a sweet flavor with less acidity than red tomatoes.

This tomato is very versatile in the kitchen - incredible sliced in salads but makes a wonderfully rich sauce tomato as well. Great hang on the vine capability and long shelf life makes them perfect for market. Vibrant purple shoulders that drip down the fruits with to a pink/deep mahogany base.

The plants are heavy producers and have great disease resistance. This variety is one of my favorites! 80 days.

Open Pollinated
CULINARY USE- Sauce / Slicer
FLESH COLOR- Red / Purple
FRUIT COLOR- Purple / Red
LEAF TYPE- Regular
MATURITY- Mid-season
PLANT TYPE- Indeterminate
SPECIES- Solanum Lycopersicum
VARIETY- Open Pollinated

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds

Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds