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Tomato Seeds: Muddy Waters

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Muddy Waters is beautiful with gold stripes and indigo shading on a green background is a really good-looking tomato which will have all your neighbors talking. It is a nice sized slicer, about 8 oz. and the flavor is full, complex and intense. 
75 days to maturity.
Muddy Waters is a Tom Wagner variety. Tom, from Everett, Washington has been one of the top tomato and potato breeders of the past 40 years and has brought all sorts of new varieties to market.
Color passing from black / green to yellow / black when fully ripe.
Green flesh, fruity and sweet flavor one of the best blue.
Plant with a frail appearance, medium development, regular foliage, indeterminate growth. Good production spread over time, good resistance to disease.

CULINARY USE- Salad / Slicer
FLAVOR PROFILE- Well-balanced
FLESH COLOR- Bi-Color / Purple / Yellow
FRUIT COLOR- Anthocyanin / Yellow
FRUIT SHAPE- Oblate / Round
LEAF TYPE- Regular
MATURITY- Mid-season
PLANT TYPE- Indeterminate
SPECIES- Solanum Lycopersicum
VARIETY- Open Pollinated

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds


Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds