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Tomato: Black Beauty

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It was introduced as World’s Darkest Tomato. Selected from a cross made between Pink Berkeley Tie Dye and Indigo Apple. Black Beauty tomato is a beautiful creation from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms.   Impressive, dark, deep blue/black color, meaty and very rich flesh with very high anthocyanin impression on both – fruit and plant. Big (6-10 oz/180-300 g) fruit are round or slightly flattened and ribbed on the shoulders. Very tasty with a delicious, well-balanced tomato flavor. They can be stored at room temperature for a few weeks after picking. Deep red flesh is among the best-tasting of all tomatoes. Flavor potential is excellent. If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. What a sight to see! Antho tomatoes on the same plant can vary in color intensity, so watch out for some very interesting variations!! 75 days.

If this tomato is out of stock a good substitution is Blue Beauty.


FLAVOR PROFILE- Well-balanced
FRUIT COLOR- Anthocyanin
FRUIT SHAPE- Oblate / Round
FRUIT SIZE- Large / Medium
LEAF TYPE- Regular
MATURITY- Mid-season
PLANT TYPE- Indeterminate
SPECIES- Solanum Lycopersicum
VARIETY- Open Pollinated

Approximate seed count- 10 seeds

Seed Count

Approximately 10 seeds