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String Hook Support

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String Hooks are by far the best support system we use on the farm. They are traditionally used for tomatoes ie. Tomahooks, but we use them for just about anything that needs support.

On our farm, we use them for the following plants:

Anything that climbs or needs support!

One of the biggest assets is that the string can be unwound and moved to create a longer trellis. When used with tomatoes this method is called Lower and Lean. 

In conjunction with the string, you use specially designed plastic clips that clamp onto the string and then clip in a ring around the stem of whatever plant you are supporting. You can find the string clips HERE.

Stainless steel hooks are equipped with 50' (15 m) of strong UV-resistant twine for holding heavy plants. Simply flip over the double-sided hooks to release the twine while sliding them down the trellis wire. The thick twine is rated to 79 lb. Twine tensile strength 66 lb. We have reused the same hooks for 6 years now and they are still going strong.

Typically, a cable is set up to hang the hooks on, but we have also hooked to screws and to a piece of twine tied in a loop around a wooden frame.