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String Clips -10 count

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These are specially designed plastic clips that clamp onto any nylon string and then clip in a ring around the stem of whatever plant you are supporting. They are typically used in conjunction with the string support hooks but can also be used with trellis nets or a fence. You can find the string hook supports HERE.

We typically use 10 clips per tomato leader. For example, if you are supporting one tomato plant that you have allowed to sucker into a double vine you will need 20 clips and usually 1 string support hook for that plant. For heavy vining crops like squash, melons and cucumbers we recommend 20-30 clips per plant.

We have found that the clips last 3+ growing seasons if taken down during the off months. Our farm typically has a UV index of 12-13 during the summer. If your location is smaller they will last longer. 

PLEASE NOTE- These are commercial grade and will last several years. They have teeth to securely hold your plant to the string without slipping down. Other clips typically don't make it through an entire season and slip down the string breaking the stem of what you are trying to support. Trust us! We found out the hard way!

Strong, polypropylene homopolymer plastic clips latch onto fine trellis twine to secure vining crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers. The quick-release closure allows for easy adjustments as plants grow or taken down at the end of the season. The clips can accommodate stems up to 3/4" diameter. They are designed with side openings for improved ventilation and minimal stem damage. We recommend using these clips with trellis twine only as others may be too thick to effectively hold the clips in place. Rope, cables, or hemp string will not fit in the pinching part and can only be used as a clasp and not a support. 


On our farm, we use them for the following plants:

Anything that climbs or needs support!