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Solar Coop Light With Off Timer!

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Keep egg production up with this solar-powered rugged light with remote and timer!

New and improved! You asked for a timer and we listened! With this light all you have to do is hit the 30 min, 1, 2 or 4 hr button on the remote in the morning or night and it will shut itself off and begin charging on its own. We usually hit the button at night when we do evening chores. We have also added 3 different light levels- Low, Medium and High. It even has an SOS mode! Works like a charm! Just like our other model it can be charged by any micro USB charger or the included solar panel.  

In the winter as daylight decreases, chickens naturally decrease the number of eggs they lay. To continue laying through the winter months, they need between 14-16 hours of light each day for their internal clock to tell them to keep producing. The light can also be turned on while checking on your ladies.
This LED bulb puts out 240 lumens. It's easy to install. Just hang it anywhere in the coop using the sturdy hook. Put the solar panel in a place that gets regular sunlight. Plug in the 11ft charging cord to the bulb and LET THERE BE LIGHT! No tools are needed to install. The light has a built-in metal hook. The solar panel has molded holes so it can easily be secured using a couple of screws. Don't worry about hanging the light where you have to reach it. Just use the remote!

Need light somewhere else? It also works great for sheds, barns or any other area where some light would be helpful indoors or outdoors! The bulb itself holds a charge so you can even unplug it and take it with you if needed. Run time is 8-10 hours with a full charge.

The bulb is extremely durable! Explosion-proof, water-resistant, and even peck proof! Because the light is produced by LED bulbs it won't get hot and poses no fire risk.