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Corn: Bloody Butcher

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A striking variety of corn has grown since the 1800s! Bloody Butcher is probably the deepest red corn you'll find! Each plant grows 2-6 ears and can get as tall as 10-12 feet. Cobs typically are pink and red with red kernels and dark red stripes, and the occasional white cob. The silks and husks are usually streaked in dark red or purple. Harvest after 110 days when the kernels are fully swollen. To remove ears from the stalk, twist or cut them off. Ears should be harvested when young. This corn is excellent to make cornmeal or eat as corn on the cob. 110 days.


Zea Mays
Approximate seed count- 50 seeds
Germination rate- 95% 3/23

Seed Count

Approximately 50 seeds