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Pea: Royal Honey Snap

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Now here is an eye-catching yellow snap pea! The pods are the most mellow tasting of all the peas we carry. They start off flat and then plump up like a regular snap. It can be used young as a snow type pea. It is a beautiful addition to a snap pea mix, particularly with Royal Purple Snap, and either Sugar Ann or Sugar Snap. Some pods show slight blushing.  This gorgeous purple snap pea is a sister of the famous Royal Purple Snow. It has all the same great traits as the Royal Purple but no bitter taste. Pods average 2 3/4–3" long with 2 per node on 2' vines. These plants need little to no staking. 55 days.


Pisum sativum
Approximate seed count- 25 seeds

Peas do well when it's cool (think spring & fall).  For the highest yields, make sure they have a trellis to climb.  This ensures more of the plant gets sun.  Continually harvest ripe pods to increase the harvest time.  If saving for seed &/or soup, leave the pods on the vines until they dry & the seeds (peas) become hard.