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Bean-Bush: Black Turtle

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These showstoppers are a stunning addition to any dish. Black Turtle Beans are small and oval and have a beautiful, shiny, jet-black coat with rich cream-colored flesh that imparts a soft yet hardy, earthy flavor with a hint of mushroom. A staple for Caribbean and Latin American cuisines, Black Turtle is a favorite choice for soup, Bean dips, and salads. Also known as Black BeansTurtle Soup BeansMexican Blacks, and Frijoles Negros, Black Turtle is a South American heirloom introduced to the U.S. in the late 1700s. Due to the coloration, this variety also offers the bonus of high anthocyanin content! A tall bush bean that keeps pods off of the ground. 

Another excellent use for these beans is for dye! Yes, I said dye. The indigo color has been used for centuries to add a beautiful blue or gray color to cotton and other natural fabrics. 95 days.

USES- dried/fresh
FLAVOR- earthy/mushroom
VEG.COLOR- tan/black
VEG. SIZE- medium
SPECIES- Phaseolus vulgaris
BREEDING- heirloom
(item #: BB-20)

Seed is treated with Apron- a fungicide seed treatment that protects plants from Pythium and damping-off and poor seed germination under cool and wet environmental conditions.

You can learn more about treated seed here-

Seed Count

Approximately 50 seeds