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Seed Savers Box

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The Seed Savers Box is a monthly garden lifestyle and instruction subscription that will teach you how to save different seed types each month. 

The box will include-
*Detailed step by step instructions with photos teaching you how to keep pure genetics, harvest, process, and store the 1-2 seed varieties of the month.
*The tools that you will need to complete the above
*2-3 packs of heirloom seeds (you will not get the same variety twice in a year)
*1-2 packs of exclusive seeds that we don't offer for purchase on our website
*A re-gifting card if you would like to share your seeds with others.
*Seed starting supplies
*Seed storage supplies
*Exclusive artisan soap and lotions
*Various artisan garden lifestyle tools and products
*A 10% off discount code good site-wide

(Those who participate in the pre-launch program will also get a 10% discount on the box itself for life until cancellation)

We will be limiting the number of boxes to 50. We are currently looking for people that would like to receive those boxes and give us lots of feedback. The pre-launch boxes will be $44.99 with free shipping. 

The first round of pre-launch boxes is expected to go out in the spring of 2024.